Factors to Consider When Selecting a Natural Dog Snack

Dog food

Dog snacks made only from natural ingredients are called natural dog treats. Natural dog treats do not contain chemical preservatives, fillers, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. Artificial flavors and colors are good for making your dog snack appear very palatable and tasty but most of them negatively impact on the health of your pet and it is thus good to avoid them. Giving a natural treat to your dog therefore is a good way of ensuring that your pet remains health throughout its lifetime.

There are a good number of natural dog snacks available these days. Each of these dog treat is meant to provide the best nutrition option for your pet in the most natural way. Common natural dog snacks are: chicken dog treats, fish dog treats, fresh lamb, greens and fresh veggies. The choice of a natural dog snack should be informed by the following factors:

The nutritive content of a dog treat.

A good choice of a dogs treats is one full of proteins. This is because proteins are the natural food for dogs as carnivorous animals. Despite the fact that dogs may enjoy other types of food, proteins is a key component required for their food. Natural treats rich in proteins include chicken dog treats, natural lamb treats and fish treats. Apart from supplying proteins, fish treats are a good source of omega based fatty acids. Lamb treats are also a good option for some dogs which might be allergic to other types of meat treats. Natural snacks for dogs that contain high levels of sugar should be avoided.

Easy of consumption of the natural dog treat

A natural dog treat should be easy for the dog to consume and digest and should not pose any danger to your pet. For example a young petty will not find it easy to consume a snack made of hard bones. In such a case give the puppy a fish or a lamb treat. Treats that can harm the dog such as chicken bones which splinter easily should also be avoided completely. Other treats that can cause digestion problems should also be avoided as much as possible.To get more ideas about on where to find the right natural dog treats, go to  http://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/31/health/dogs-words-mri-study/.

Dog treats should be fresh

A natural treat for dog should also be fresh. It should be served before it reaches its expiry. Order fresh dog treats from the sales outlets just when you need them. Avoid having to store the dog treaties yourself buy buying just the right quantities for your dogs. Dog treaties that expire too easily can be deep frozen to preserve their freshness.

As we conclude, it is important to note also that natural dog snacks can have other benefits besides the health ones such as giving your pets natural good breath. Greens and fresh vegetables for example, when given to your dogs help in cleaning your pets’ teeth.


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